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    Flash/AS3 vs Shockwave/Lingo…

    Applied CD Level 1
      I apologize about the “soft” question but we’re having real trouble making a choice. I’ve got an old shockwave project which you can see here: http://www.appliedcd.com/conti/FuelCalculator.htm For those that don’t look it’s kind of a spreadsheet application. The client wants to update the project for three audiences, touch screen at very high resolution (1680 x 1050), laptop use at 1280 x 1024, and in a web page at something less than 1280 x 1024. The client also wants to add a virtual keyboard to the touch screen version but doesn’t like the built-in Vista keyboard because it’s too small and includes letters for input fields that are numeric only.

      There’s a strong push to move this project from Shockwave to Flash. Flash would solve the three stage sizes issue since it scales cleanly. The Flash plug-in has better market penetration, and the client knows what Flash is, when we suggest Shockwave we just get an indifferent shrug. I started the conversion to AS3 and every step feels like pulling teeth, what I could get done in a day in lingo was taking a week in AS3. My question is: Is there a convincing argument that lingo is better for application development of this type or should I suck it up, stop complaining, and just get it done in AS3?