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    Walk cycle + layer issues

    dbmillerphoto Level 1

      Hello!  I'm making characters that have a 3/4 view and thus the arm closest to the viewer would be above the "head" and "body" folders rather than within the body folder.

      Screenshot 2017-12-20 17.50.44.png

      In the "attach" menu there is no way to specify to attach it to body.  I'd like the option to parent/ attach to any part of a character- have the full list drop down.


      Similarily, I have hair that swings behind her neck, the final layer "background hair."  It needs to attach to the head but be located behind the body and swing in motion to the head.  An easy thing in AE but not sure how to get that to function here.


      Finally, I wonder if adjustment layers in PSD would function in ChAn.  This puppet has color/ saturation adjustment layers in her file but they aren't doing anything to ChAn.