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    Slow Responsiveness in AE

    colourandre Level 1

      After Effects has become VERY VERY slow to responde to any and all input.

      I have to wait 2 seconds for a layer to untwirl

      I have to wait a few seconds before it will registery I have selected a alyer, clicked on a keyframe.

      Preview is hit and miss weather it will even respond.


      I have a new machine PC

      10 core i7 3970 3,5Ghz

      Nvidia 1070

      128 Gig RAM

      Scatch disk running on a fast SSD

      Software running off Samsung 960 Pro M2 SSD (fastest drive available)


      I don't know what more I could throw at the machine to get it to be responsive.


      I've tryedcc 2015, 2017 & the latest Oct 2017 update. Still no love.


      Please help. Waiting 2 secondsa per click is not workable.