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    16' Macbook with Thunderbolt HD Bay Setup

    Preston Despenas

      Looking for advice on hard drive configuration for a 2016 15" Macbook Pro Touchbar using a Blackmagic Design hard drive bay.


      Daily livestream podcast media work will consist of photoshop, after effects and final cut pro. The video of the livestream will be managed and switched by a Roland VR4HD so the mac won't be doing any of the encoding.


      I have (4) available drive bays that are Thunderbolt 2 (i'll have to get a usb-c to thunderbolt adapter to connect to this bay).


      I've read the generic guidelines post on drives .. I guess i'm looking for reinforcement on what I'm thinking.


      Macbooks internal drive (os/applications/livestream application)

      drive bay 1 - 1TB ssd (media/projects)

      drive bay 2 - 256 ssd (pagefile/media cache)

      drive bay 3 - 256 ssd (preview/export)

      drive bay 4 - 1TB ssd (active backup)

      via USB - 4TB (inactive backup)


      How would you guys set this up? If I increase the 256 drives to 500 for pagefile/cache and preview/export .. will that increase performance?