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    Muse is redirecting site files to a repeated domain.


      I am uploading my website through muse’s ftp uploader. I am using a sub domain. 


      my site is www.irockmyjewelry.com , but when I type it in my browsers I am getting www.irockmyjewelry.com/irockmyjewelry.com/irockmyjewelry.com/


      I am then able to delete the extra domains and now I can see my homepage.


      Once I am at my homepage I click on one of my products and it then directs me to irockmyjewelry.com/irockmyjewelry.com/pagename


      How can I stop this from happening. I feel like I’ve tried to do everythkng to fix it.

      I’ve checked the .htaccess file in both my main domain and sub domain. As well as uploaded it to ftp as html on filezilla and still haven’t been able to fix the issue.

      any help is appreciated. Thank you.