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    Configuration error or Licensing has stopped working

    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

      Adobe applications may fail to launch when the file permissions for the required licensing files are damaged or unable to be updated.  This damage can result in different error messages depending on what Adobe software you are using.


      For recent Adobe software titles, including those included with a Creative Cloud membership, this results in Error: 16 occurring when you open the application.  The cause of this error is the inability to update the contents of SLStore and Adobe PCD folders.


      For complete information on how to resolve Configuration Error 16 see Configuration error | Creative Cloud.  It discusses how to modify the file permissions for macOS and Windows operating systems.


      For older Adobe software titles you can encounter the error, "Licensing has stopped working."  The cause of this error is the inability to either open the required licensing service or update the necessary files.


      There are several steps to take to resolve the error, "Licensing has stopped working," for both macOS and Windows.  For complete details see: