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    Straight lines at the start of every brush stroke

    Michael.Nelson Level 1

      I recently acquired a SurfaceBook 2 and was excited to start working on my next animation project. I did my usual routine of disabling Windows ink, hold to right click, and flicks, and installed animate. I wasn't too surprised to see brush lag causing straight lines at the start of every stroke. It's common, but usually, I can fix it. I went straight to work uninstalling my stylus drivers and reinstalling the most recent version. after I rebooted, The problem persisted. I installed the previous drivers and it was still there.


      I googled some more fixes and found that disabling recognize shapes and lines could fix the problem. I also made sure that Animate was on the most recent version. None of this worked. At this point, I'm getting a little worried as I've almost always fixed the problem by this point.


      Other forums state that the fix is almost always to update to the most recent version. I can't do that as I'm already there.


      Now I completely understand as this is new hardware, The SurfaceBook 2. How long do I have to wait till an update comes out to support the SurfaceBook 2?


      Also, does anyone have any other suggestions apart from what I've done up above?