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    DNG Converter will not recognize NEF

    abrahamg60612180 Level 1

      Two things I want to get out of the way first:

      • YES I am only selecting a folder and not trying to open it.
      • NO I did not use ViewNX.


      I wanted to edit NEF files, from my Nikon D5600, using Lightroom Classic CC, so when I tried importing the NEF files, I would get an error that read "Some import operations were not performed." When I googled the problem I read about converting the NEF Files into DNG files. So then I tried using the "Copy as DNG" tool in Lightroom while importing, and received the same error as before. Upon further googling and reading, I read about Adobe DNG Converter v8.8 and downloaded it from Adobe's website. But whenever tried to covert the files, I received an error that reads "The source folder does not contain any supported raw files."


      The following is a list of the different methods that I tried using

      • Copying the photos from the SD card, using a card reader, and then trying open the copies in Lightroom.
      • Using the NEF copies on my PC, trying to using the "Copy as DNG" tool in Lightroom.
      • Plugging my camera into my PC, via USB, and trying to make DNG copies on my PC, using the "Copy as DNG" tool in Lightroom during import.
      • Using the NEF copies on my PC and trying to convert them using DNG Converter.
      • Importing, rather than copying, directly from the camera onto my PC, then trying to convert the imported NEF file using DNG Converter.


      I simply do not understand what I am doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate your help.


      (As a foot note: I understand that I have mentioned having problems with both LightroomCC and DNG Converter. This is intentional and because I would also like to know I if a doing something wrong while using Lightroom. That being said, a similar discussion will be posted in the Lightroom Community.)