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    PHP error

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      Hi there,


      Only on one site built with Muse I am getting this error after uploading it:


      1 Warning

      No response from PHP file on server. Muse forms may not work properly. Contact your hosting provider or website administrator to ask about PHP support on your web server.



      I've contacted my hosting provider, and they said it's Adobe script so I should ask for help here.


      This is the site where the error occurs:


      Contact Karratha Glass Service Now


      The error message when you click submit is attached.


      Any help will be appreciated. I have dozen of sites built with Muse but this is the only one with this error.





      Screenshot 2017-12-22 12.31.16.png

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          Problem solved. It was the reCaptcha that was throwing this error. Switched to old reCaptcha then switched back to v.2 and it's all good now. Just in case someone else come up with the same problem.