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    Javascript to populate dropdown field to other fields with staggered dates


      Hi,  I am trying to tweak a timesheet that I have added a dropdown box that has dates entered into the <Options>, <Item List> as "1/6/2018" and every 14 days til the end of the year. Where I am stuck is trying to get the javascript that will take the chosen 'Pay Period Ending' date and add to the 14th date field. Then I am trying to get all the other fields to start from this date -1 so that each date of the two-week period is shown. This way, the dropdown date will automatically update the pay period dates. I made some progress following these instructions https://answers.acrobatusers.com/How-autofill-date-field-based-field-selection-q286091.asp x and got the end date to reflect my date but could not get subsequent fields to -1 from the other for the staggered dates I need. The only other issue was date format in that drop downs are MM/DD/YYYY  but the 14 date fields for column hours tally are too small and need to be MM/DD. Thank you.