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    Unable to sync second PC with catalog

    walk highlands Level 1

      Hi there


      I'm using Lightroom CC on my main desktop computer and am generally loving it - only a couple of minor features missing that I'm sure will be along soon. All my 400GB photos have uploaded to the cloud. The catalog has also synced great to my android phone.


      However, I've not been able to get Lightroom CC to sync this fully uploaded catalog onto my laptop PC. The Adobe Lightroom CC Sync Utility starts up, access the network for a bit, then the memory used just grows - and grows. Once the memory is over 1GB or so it stops accessing the network, but the memory use continues to grow until it eventually crashes the computer.  

      I had through that my laptop was getting a little long in the tooth (3rd Gen i5) as it had been running slow, so I've bought a new, i7 8th gen laptop especially for Lightroom CC.



      However, very disappointed to find the same thing happens on this £1,400 brand new machine.  Clearly there is some memory leak bug that is preventing syncing an existing catalog onto a new PC.



      Hopefully you can make a fix.


      In the meantime, is there a workaround - e.g. what if I copy my catalog files from the fully synced desktop onto my new laptop? Would that get past the blockage? Without a fix I need to return the laptop - I've a week to do this.


      Let me know if I can send any diagnostic files or be of other help.

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          walk highlands Level 1

          More info - I've tried manually copying over the catalog files from my desktop PC.


          And it has worked - almost. The catalog is now on both computers and editing is fast as a dream on the new laptop. I've set it to store a copy of the originals on the desktop PC, but not the laptop PC, and have the smart previews local on both.


          However, the new laptop said it was trying to move photos, failed, and now has a message that 'Originals not currently stored in the default location will be moved in a week (with an option to move now).


          I don't want a copy of all the originals on my laptop - just my desktop - and the box to have originals locally is unchecked on my laptop. Can I get rid of this message? All of the images also have 'Original waiting to be moved' in the info tab. 

          Syncs however are all working fine now between all machines.