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    Colour overlay not working!


      So i'm a clothing designer that uses photoshop to construct prints for garment's, since starting in a new company and using there Photoshop CC i have come across this problem quite a few time's and its very very frustrating, when ever i double click my layer to change it to black (because that how i set up my screen's) it won't actually change! I was wondering if this was some sort of bug that other people are experiencing and if there is a way to fix it, i have tried looking through the preferences and comparing it to my computer i use at home but there is no difference to my home set up! Any info on this would be amazing.


      (This has now changed to only one layer seems to have to problem, this white layer that is shown is the only layer that wont colour overlay!)


      Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 12.36.32.png

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          Terri Stevens Adobe Community Professional

          I think I must be misunderstanding your question, but to apply a color overlay you must select that type of layer style and use the color blend mode. In your illustration you are selecting 'blending options'



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            Martin_Bns Level 1

            Hi my friend,


            There is a small mistake you did which a lot of people do. When you "tick" the Color Overlay feature, you still see the "selected" feature.
            If you want to see the options of the Color Overlay, click on the actual name and not just tick it.


            Hope it helps,

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              danm70726247 Level 1

              Thank's for the Reply,


              Well you see usually i would click on a solid object that i had copied over from illustrator such as a logo or even a scanned in line work, go to colour overlay it turning the layer to a solid colour that i have chosen or eye dropped but it's not working to the colour's that i choose (see pic, i have eye dropped white). I have no idea why this is happening, i have tried the same thing on other computers in my office and they work fine.







              Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.17.11.png

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                danm70726247 Level 1

                Hi Martin,


                Thanks for your reply, yeah i usually click into the overlay option selecting the chosen colour of eye drop a colour in the graphic but for some reason it wont turn the layer into the colour that i have chosen, i've done in on CMYK, RGB and grey scale but still no luck, i have used other's computers where i work and they are all fine and doing what the function is supposed to do!

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                  danm70726247 Level 1

                  Hi guy's,


                  I solved it! (large slap on face) i was only using it on an 8bit channel! as soon as i changed it to 32bit channel it worked fine!

                  Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 09.49.10.png