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    Match Font Feature



      are there plans to include sites like MyFonts, FontFont, HF&J, FontSquirrel, etc. to the Match Font feature in addition to searching local fonts and Typekit? I love this new tool inside photoshop, but it'll be hugely useful when it can search as many font databases as possible.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You aren't addressing Adobe on these forums usually but other users. Adobe do not normally announce their plans in advance. Personally I wouldn't have thought Adobe would include the items you mentioned in addition to Typekit.

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            brianphillips Level 1

            Oh okay.

            I can understand why Adobe would want to purely direct all traffic to Typekit, but the reality is that Typekit is a very small sampling of the fonts out there that users might be trying to identify. I guess it comes down to whether Adobe sees 'Match Font' as a robust tool for designers or a promo for Adobe Typekit. Either way it's still a cool feature. Right now, I'll be adding it my options for font id'ing along with WhatTheFont, WhatTheFont forums, Identifont, WhatFontIs, Quora, and Reddit.

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              There's nothing to stop you adding other foundries fonts to your collection, it's doubtful that Adobe would want to be associated with fonts that are outside their quality control (IMO).

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