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    Think I made a mistake


      Complete rookie to editing photos. Have 2 cameras, long story. First is a Canon T7i the other is a Canon 5D Mark IV. Was using Lightroom classic but decided I wanted to try and use Lightroom CC/Photoshop CC. Downloaded Lightroom CC, migrated my catalog. Photos are no longer in the order they were shot. The few presets I created are gone. Can no longer see which photos I edited. Did I do something wrong? Should I wipe out my current catalog and import all of my photos again, for a fresh start. I have only been shooting in RAW since the start of October so it is only about 1000 photos, of which I have them all on a external hard drive. One final question for this post, did Adobe do away with all the separate modules in Lightroom CC? Liked having the library/develop module separate.  The map in Lightroom CC also does not appear to work...