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    Simple stop script refuses to work - sometimes..

      So I have a couple of flash banners that I'm making, they are different sizes of the exact same thing. I used this script to stop all the animation inside a movie clip called main_ufo on the main timeline:

      This works on one of the sizes, but will not work on another size. I checked and double checked the publish settings (both are set to player 6, actionscript 2.0), made sure all the movie clips were named correctly and present at the time of the script, and I went into every single movie clip to make sure there were no conflicting scripts inside them. Still nothing. I even copied the ufo clip directly from the working banner and pasted it into the non-working banner and replaced it in the library. I tried changing all the _root.'s to this.
      I've run out of ideas. It works on my 120x600 banner and doesn't on the 728x90.
      If I had hair I would officially be pulling it out. Open to any ideas/suggestions at all.