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    Basic Syncing Facts . . .

    Neox99 Level 4

      Adobe does not install software personal to an individual computer.

      If we have the same version of the same software we have identical bits installed.

      If said software works as intended on your system but not on mine, can we assume the cause of it not working on mine is not . . . Adobe or the software? YES!

      If it works on yours but not on mine the cause is my system - - - NOT the software!

      Adobe does not store my photos/videos on a different cloud than yours. We all share the same group of servers at Adobe and we all share the bandwidth into and out of those servers.

      So . . If my syncing is slow, stalled, blocked or otherwise not working, the cause is not with Adobe. The cause is my system and/or my bandwidth.

      Then, or course, there is the human factor.

      Do I really understand how the Adobe Lr CC ecosystem works and how to use it? How to use Lr CC for Mobile, for Desktop, for Web, for Apple TV?

      Did I practice, practice, practice with a 1/2 dozen photos/videos before I tried syncing many 1000s at a time?

      (I did, but it's obvious some others did not)

      Did I break the sync process by trying to use both Lr CC and Lr Classic to sync with the cloud and thus with each other (which, by the way, is NOT recommended by Adobe)?

      Daily we see posts here from people seeking help assuming that their Adobe software is at fault because it doesn't perform as they expect, or even wish it did,

      If it works for you, on your system and your bandwidth but not for me, the cause of the problem is . . . . ME or MY system!