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    New Computer Elements not working


      HELP Please!

      My old HP computer crashed.  I had elements 15 on it and it  was working fine.

        New HP computer.  Loaded Elements 15 from a CD. My tools didn't work.  I can open a picture but that is about it.   I can't copy, paste or delete.   If I click on edit.  I only have 6 options available to me.  Fill layer, Define Brush  DefinePattern, Color Settings, Preset Manager &  Preferences.    I decided Elements 15 didn't work with windows 10 so I went and purchased elements 2018.  Hoping for an easy CD install.   Same problem.   Very limited tools available and working. 


      I called Adobe, waiting for a call back for over 2 hours now.   Was on hold for 50 minutes.  Chat goes no where. 

      The new computer is also a HP  Windows 10 home  64 bit system and X64 bit processor.

      Can anyone help me?    I am guessing it is a simple fix but I am lost.