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    Rollover buttons

      Hi all,

      I am new to Flash and ActionScript. I am trying to create a series of buttons along the bottom of my page which display different text boxes when my users rollover these. I can't seem to hide the text as part of the over, so if someone rollsover the main screen the text box pops up. If I hide the text boxes using a mask they are invisible when the user rolls over the button and therefore no use. Can anyone help me learn how to do this? Endless web searches are not helping.

      Sorry for a really basic question .... Thanks Spyder486
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          What it sounds like is happening is this:

          You have a button symbol and have placed a keyframe in the Up and Over states ignoring the other 2 states entirely.
          If this is the case:
          The problem comes from the Hit state - the fourth state in the symbol. The Hit state is the active area of the button, this allows you to make the type of button you are trying to make. What is happening in your case, is, because you did not put something in the Hit state, it is looking at the last state in the timeline for itself. That state happens to be the Over state. If you put a blank keyframe in the Hit state, and copy the Up state graphics over to it your problem will be solved.
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            Spyder486 Level 1
            Thanks rritchey - cannot believe how easy that was to fix!! You have saved me loads of time and searching. Thanks again.