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    Edge Commons code to embed external html documents not working

    jonk91291754 Level 1

      One of Edge's strongest features is the ability to put external html documents into holders/containers using javascript from Edge Commons:


      // Load Edge Commons


          load: "http://cdn.edgecommons.org/an/1.1.0/js/min/EdgeCommons.js",

          // Wait until completely loaded

          complete: function(){

              // Load first external composition into container

              EC.loadComposition("comp1/index.html", sym.$("content"));       

              EC.loadComposition("comp2/index.html", sym.$("content2"));




      The Edge Commons server seems to be down or inactive, so the code no longer works; the holders that had referenced external html pages are now empty. I am hoping there may be a way to relink them locally without relying on a server. I have several websites that took two years and hundreds of hours to create, all of which rely on this code to work in order to function properly.


      Many thanks!!!