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    Window content does not appear


      Hello, I'm having a problem that I can not solve in any way, I've been using Photoshop CS4 normally (for more than a year) when suddenly the contents of the window do not appear but it's inside! I will explain better, I have some jobs saved in psd and now when I open them only the black screen appears, but if I click on the edge of the window and drag the content appears but just let it disappear again. I created a new file to test, clicking on create only the black screen appears, but if I choose the pen tool for example and make some scratchs randomly (because I can not see what is being done) when I stop scratching and moving the window as already I mentioned earlier the scratchs are there ... I thought it might be some incompatibility with some windows update, I migrated to the cc 2017 but it still the same thing,I updated the video drive and it did not work