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    Importing raw files


      i have a raw file being imported from my ios photo album to LR CC And it is automatically converting it to .jpg. i want to edit raw files. (shooting raw + jpg on my camera, but I only see raw files in my ios photo album)

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          Neox99 Level 4

          1st question in an effort to help: You mention 'being imported'. 'Import is what happens in Lr CC CLASSIC. Is that what you are using?

          2nd question: What is the file format of the raw photos (.nef? .cr2? /dng? . . .)

          3rd question: What camera did you capture the photo with?

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            walangjo Level 1

            Oh, I use the LR CC for iOS (iphone 7+). so it’s when I “Add Photos” from Camera Roll. File is .raf and I use a Fuji XR-20. i copy using SD Card reader for apple