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    Group 'Fill' blending mode setting is lost upon re-opening document - Photoshop CS6

    kimmo242 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I have a really odd problem in CS6.


      I have a smart object layer with the 'fill' settings set to zero, opacity 100, and a stroke applied.


      This layer is contained within a folder that has an 'inner glow' applied, and fill settings for the entire group set to zero, but opacity 100.


      This creates an outer glow that traces around the outer of my original object following the edge of the stroke, and leaving the inside transparent.


      This works and looks perfectly fine whilst in the document - until I save and reopen it. When I re-open the file, the fill setting of the group has changed back to 100%, throwing the whole effect off!


      I've tried everything and i'm stumped as to why it would do this? any ideas?


      What would cause the fill setting of a group to either not save or keep reverting back to 100%?