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    how-to get Visio hyperlinks to PDF ?


      OK, I am at wits end attempting to generate (user documentation) PDFs from Visio (2016 and have tried 2010).

      Within Visio I would like to.....

      • have a Visio shape with several hyperlinks attached.  Within Visio, this produces a selection box.  This functionality not transferring
      • rollover shape text.  not a big deal but, would be nice.
      • links from one visio to another document within the pdf (I am confident I can do this - I need more training)


      I cannot give up on the wonderful portability of PDF's

      So, if I cannot get SHAPES WITH HYPERLINKS in a pdf.

      If I cannot do this with Visio - is there a another tool with hyperlink capability that will work in PDF?


      Thank you for your input...