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    Recreate a folder that was in Classic in CC?

    gregoryw17089413 Level 1

      I already migrated my catalog from Classic to CC without recreating my folder structure as albums before the migration.  I know that I've lost most of the structure (ridiculously frustrating).


      My question is, is there an easy way I can create one of the folders as an album in CC?  I still have the old folder on my hard drive and can see the images in it (JPG 0001, JPG 0004, etc).  Is there any way to create those images as a CC album without searching for the file names in CC and adding them one by one?


      I tried importing the folder to an album, but CC realizes the pictures were already imported so it won't do that.


      Any suggestions?  It will take absolutely forever if I have to search for each file name in CC and then add them to an album one by one.