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    Upload files selectively - is it possible?

    Skippermark Level 1

      Hi - Currently not a subscriber but thinking about signing up.


      On an iPhone, is it possible in LR CC to selectively upload files? The default iOS photo app uploads everything you take if the cloud is enabled, but I often cull through my files and only want to upload some. With iOS, even if you delete a file before they get uploaded, the app will still upload the file then put it into the trash. I'm hoping with LR, if I deleted some photos on the device, they just wouldn't upload to save bandwidth. Thanks!

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          Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

          No, there's no selective upload. Anything you add to LRCC on mobile will automatically get uploaded. Having said that, you could temporarily pause syncing until you had finished culling and deleted the rejects. Then resume sync and only the keepers should be uploaded. Bear in mind though that you may have no backup of those images until they are uploaded (e.g. any picture taken on the phone using the LRCC camera will only exist within the LRCC app on the phone until it is uploaded), so if you do pause sync, remember to turn it back on asap.

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            Neox99 Level 4

            You could disable 'Auto Add Photos' in the Mobile App General Settings, shoot with the mobile device's native camera. In Camera roll, delete the rejects. In Lr Mobile make an album, click the menu bar ( ... ) and choose Add Photos, choose 'Camera Roll'.

            From there you will have another chance to 'Select' which photos you want added to the Lr CC ecosystem.

            A few extra steps, I know. But you actually get 2 chances:

            1 to delete rejects,

            2 to 'Select' photos.


            You would have to give up shooting .DNG but using the Native Camera you have a better camera IMO - Video, for example.

            If you want to 'develop' images from within the mobile device, Adobe supports an app called Aviary. It's listed right on their page of available apps.

            Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 10.26.32 AM.png

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              Skippermark Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I'm using a trial of LRCC mobile and the pause feature does exactly what I want to do.