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    nubee question

      hello all,

      working now on my first flash project- a portfolio of my work.
      im wondering if there is a way with actions to make on release of the mouse first play the next 10 frames or so, and then automaticlly go to another specific frame.
      for example: being on frame 10. on release of the mouse, playing untill frame 20, and automatically moving to frame 50 and continuing from there...

      hope im clear enough.
      thanks in advance,
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          clbeech Level 3
          yes. if you haven't done so already, create a new layer at the top of the list and call it 'actions' place all codes within this layer. on frame one open the actions panel and write the code for your button as:

          myBtn.onPress = function() {

          (with an instance name of 'myBtn' placed on the instance, or change the above to reflect your button's instance name)

          next click on frame 10 of the actions layer, insert a new keyframe there, open the actions panel and type:


          there you go ;)