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    Cairngorm Tutorial?

    ericbelair Level 1
      I'm typically a "hands on" learner. I got started with Flex by going through the tutorials on adobe.com. I really want to learn MVC architecture - in particular Cairngorm, since it seems to be the standard. However, I have searched all day for some kind of tutorial or easy-to-follow startup instructions, and cannot find anything worthwhile. Just "download Cairngorm" or "Cairngorm Diagram". But, nothing that says "step 1, do this...". I guess I could download the source code and read every line, but that seems laborious. Does anyone have any suggestions??? (Please don't send me to Steven Webster's 6-part Cairngorm article, because, while very informative, it doesn't help me get started).

      I've looked into EasyMVC, but for the type of applications I'm working on, this isn't very scalable.

      Thanks in advance...