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    Metadata, small is beautyful but unusable


      In the new Photoshop Lightroom CC (2018), there are only one-line input fields in the metadata. For example, the image description only shows a few words of the entire text. How should a photojournalist work quickly and well if he only sees a few words of his text and has to label dozens of pictures quickly and correctly?

      LR Classic was already a challenge with such small fonts and space, but the metadata in new LR CC makes it impossible to work professionally with this program. The same goes for Photoshop. And I use two 24" Displays - can´t imagine using the metadata on my xxl-smartphone or my ipad mini.....


      The metadata is one of the most important tools in any image processing program, at least for professionals!

      There is so much space to display multiple lines!

      Is the design so much more important than the function?