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    Adobe Photoshop CS3 issue. anyone?



      I am completely new to all of this and looking around for help.I know 3dconnexion said in the past the would not support anymore photoshop plugin, now they had a re-think: I've read on the 3dconnexion homepage that "SpaceNavigator Supports New Adobe Photoshop CS3" but is this true also for SpacePilot? where is the update then? I have looked for help Photoshop (Link Removed By Moderator) but can't find where you have put the support for this problem.I want to know if everyone has found like me that on the new CS3 photoshop version the plugin doesn't works correctly. If you're working on something, please let us know. Since photoshop was one of the reason i bought spacepilot. I went through many resources but did not find any solution for this issues. Please help me out.



      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thank you


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