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    muse transition button


      Hello there,just started to build simple personal website in muse and found something weird.

      I created simple buttons-see pics.When mouse hover over them letters will spread apart smoothly and drop shadow effect.

      But buttons behave defferently in defferent web browsers.

      In firefox the is no transition here just pop apart.

      I tried everithing but no luck.





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          Neox99 Level 4

          I could rant on and on here about 'Browser Wars' (YES - it's a real thing) - but, alas.

          Sans being able to code into the CSS files and make allowances for each browser, there are some functions that simply will not work on all browsers.

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            Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional
            • if you set a hyperlink then that adds states and you have it set to the "about" page so [on that page] the text will display in its "active" state i.e, there is no rollover state because active is overridding it.


            Screenshot (390).png

            • I would also assume the text is being turned into an image in order to add the drop shadow and that would also change the way this design works in a real browser