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    Lightroom Built Smart Previews But Didn't Save Photos to HD from SD Card


      We've been using Lightroom CC for a long time. This weekend I imported images off of two different SD cards straight from the reader on my Mac. I have never experienced this before:


      Imported Two different sets of photos from two different memory cards

      Lightroom built the smart previews

      Went to edit one of the sets today - tried to click "Edit in Photoshop" its greyed out

      I notice the little smart preview icon is showing

      I click it

      Lightroom tells me the image path can't be found

      The image path listed is the memory card

      Plug the memory card back in

      BOOM source files found


      my question is - why wouldn't Lightroom import the photos and store them on my hard drive as it ALWAYS has.


      this has me scratching my head and ticking me off that I can find the answer.


      any help is appreciated.