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    password protected pdfs


      Sorry but I couldnt find how to add a new comment onto this discussion that I  posted a few days ago.  Sorry for the absence but been dealing with a close relative who is undergoing Chemotherapy at the moment.  After a short breather.. here I am again.  So my original post was this:


      Hi I am new  this forum and I am by no means an expert in all things computer. I have Adobe reader on my laptop using with Windows 10.  Somewhere along the line I have asked for all PDFs to be password protected, but can't remember where or when. I don't have acrobat on my PC just reader. So what has happened recently, is that every time I scan a document into my PC via ( Not another PDF scanner) and save it, it demands a password when opening. I have sent  it to myself to check and this always happens. Same when I send it to anyone else, the document demands a password.  If I use my husbands PC and same software no problem I scan in save to a pen drive and no password required to open. So I have eliminated the scanning issue, you can't do this in the scanner program. I have looked at all the usual help on the internet but it seems that I can only remove this password in  Adobe Acrobat which I don't have. I vaguely recall doing something ages ago but I think that was in Firefox. So hope someone out there can help. Please note I am not over technical, I can follow simple instructions but when people start saying " go into file line such and such" I am lost.


      I have managed to screen capture what happens. Its always in adobe reader.  I take the point that I can't set or unset a password in reader. I must have set a password demand somewhere and as I said in my original post, vaguely recall putting a password demand for all pdfs in somewhere but can't  recall where or how.  Don't know if the capture helps but happy to try anything as this is driving me nuts because everytime I send a pdf via email to someone (something I am doing a lot at the moment related to the health problems with my husband) it demands a password from the recipient. so they can't open the pdf without a password.


      Capture pw box.JPG