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    Change to underlying model not updating AdvancedDataGrid display

    ericbelair Level 1
      I am working on a Cairngorm MVC project. One part of the application has an AdvancedDataGrid ("ADG") with two levels of drilling available - let's call the top level "States" and the second level "Cities". The default view is "States" only - the top level nodes are closed. When I add a new "State" to the underlying model, it is properly displayed in the ADG. However, when I add a new "City" to the "State" that was just created, the open node icon is not displayed, even though the data is there. I know the data is there, because when I click to open another node, the icon suddenly is displayed for the top level node I just created. I can't figure out why this is happening, or how to fix it. I need the open node icon to display when I add a child to it.

      I've tried the validateNow() and invalidateDisplayList() methods on the ADG, but these do nothing....

      Please offer any suggestions.