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    Photoshop slightly lags/delays all the time... is this just how it is?


      I've only used PS on an older, less great computer in the past, but recently I finally got a higher end computer with the capabilities to handle PS well, and was pretty excited about it. But while it does definitely run better now, I'm noticing a brief delay or pause when I do simple actions, ex undoing, zooming in, changing brushes, etc. Keep in mind it isn't a HUGE lag, only about a half second really. But I use other drawing programs too, and ALL of them can do these actions immediately. That's what I'm used to, so it's very noticeable to me when I work in PS, and it messes with my workflow.


      Here is an example of the lag when I undo. When it shows me clicking Ctrl there, I am hitting Z at nearly the exact same time. Notice how it takes about a half second for the undo to happen. Again, in every other program I own, the undo happens immediately. But not in Photoshop.


      ps lag.gif


      The computer is brand new and all the drivers are up to date. I've tried a lot of the optimization settings already. I've turned Use Graphics Processor on and off, and changed its settings. I've tried changing the cache levels and history states. None of it seems to do anything.


      And it makes me wonder-- I used to think part of the lag was just because I was using it on a mediocre computer, sure. But... is this just how the program is? I cannot find anything that seems to change this, nor anybody mentioning this problem-- all lag issues people talk about are only if they're really long, not these smaller pauses. I find Photoshop incredibly useful but I sincerely hope there's a fix to this and everyone isn't just tolerating these delays and got used to it.