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    How to Flatten Stamps in DC?


      Upgraded from XI to DC.  In XI you can place a stamp, in our case an Engineer's Seal, then sign with a visible signature.  When you go to save, it will prompt you to save the file as (filename)-signed.pdf and then flatten the signature as well as the stamp, removing the stamp from the comments and making it no longer selectable.  How do I do this in DC?  DC appears to only flatten the signature and any text you've added but excluded Stamps  ... (side note being prompted with the (filename)-signed.pdf is a missed feature as well, DC appears to just want to overwrite the existing file, is it possible to get that back?)

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          So I found a workaround.  I upgraded to Pro, and then using the Action Wizard, created an Action running the script "this.flattenPages();" ... Which I'll have to run after I add a stamp everytime.  You can then add the custom made action to the Quick Tools so you can just click a button to do it.  If anyone else has any other advice please post.