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    Convert swf to HTML5


      I'm working on converting all of our Captivate simulations from .swf to HTML5.  Unfortunately I cannot locate the original Captivate files for 9 of our lessons; I only have the .swf output files.  Is there a way to open the .swf with Captivate so I can publish it back out as HTML5?  These are interactive simulations, so I can't convert to MP4, FLV, or other video outputs.


      I have both Captivate 5.5 and Captivate 8.  These courses were originally made with Captivate 5 or 5.5.


      I also have Adobe Animate CC or Media Encoder if anyone knows of a way to accomplish the same end goal with another program. 

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          AJIT_M Adobe Employee

          Hi There,

          Unfortunately, there is no direct way to open the SWF output in Captivate. You will need the Captivate source files (.CPTX) in order to republish the HTML5 output.



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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            As Ajit points out, you do need the original cptx-files. However, it is not simple a conversion neither, especially with very old version (CP5) you'll have to edit quite a lot. Not only the HTML5 output has been added, but Themes which did change the whole design of Captivate projects appeared with CP6.

            Animate CC allows to publish a raw fla file to HTML5, but SWF is the published file, not the raw file.

            Media Encoder is just for conversion of audio and video formats to another format. You could play the SWF and record it with Video Demo, but you clearly told that you are talking about interactive courses. I am very sorry, you'll have to recreate the files from scratch.

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