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    A bit of a sync stress test

    Neox99 Level 4

      I have no intention of using Adobe's 'cloud' as a replacement for storing photos opposed to local storage.

      I intend to use Lr CC for what, IMO, it is intended for, that is for Mobile photo usage.

      But - - -

      Been reading all the syncing problems posts here and I got curious so . . .

      I distributed 500 photos to my computer desktop in a folder, some to an external (USB-3) drive and some to a USB-3 thumb drive.

      I then started an Add process using Lr Web for some of the files, switched over to Lr CC desktop and started an Add for the rest.

      Then I watched the sync process from within Lr CC desktop. The entire sync time was about 5 minutes. Sync hung with 11 photos to go. I paused then resumes sync and the last 11synced in a flash.


      No point to be made here other than the Adobe sync system seems to work as I expected.


      Oh Geeeeze! Now I get to delete 500 images from the 'cloud'. Another test?


      Later >>


      Noted no 'select all' available in Lr Web but Lr CC desktop allowed it so I deleted from there. Took less that a sec.