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    Audio processing

      Hi Y'all,

      I want to develop a plug-in for Adobe Air that does processing of audio files to render better quality on the speakers while they are being played.

      Essentially I have a DSP algorithm implemented in C++ that restores the sound quality lost during digitization. I need to get access to the digital audio data while being played, process it with my C++ DSP code and then send it to the speakers. Feel free to ask more questions on this if you have any.

      So I was just wondering if the Adobe Air SDK gives me any APIs to accomplish this plug-in. Feel free to direct me in the right direction.

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          No, AIR does not directly support accessing arbitrary native code libraries. A workaround is to communicate with your DSP application through a socket, but that's a solution that is much more difficult to distribute.

          In addition, until AIR 2.0 is released, which will include the new Flash 10 sound APIs that provide access to the raw sound bytes, you can't access the sound data anyway (ASFAIK). You could potentially port the DSP to ActionScript. Also included in Flash 10 is the Pixel Bender engine which, while targeted at image processing, is really just a high speed parallel processing engine and could potentially be used transform sound data. Flash 10 is currently in Beta release, if you want to take a look at these features before they are available in AIR.