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    lightroom classic CC opens infinite windows!


      I really don't know what to do here.  Hard to describe exactly as my lightroom has been cycling through various issues.


      1. Most commonly, I will open lightroom, it will open adobe support as well, and adobe support will keep crashing, reopening, and opening more lightroom windows, forcing me to either force quit all of them if I'm fast enough (since more and more LR windows keep opening ad infinitum), or just force shut down the computer.


      2.  Sometimes, it miraculously opens without this happening, but in the develop module even though I pay monthly.


      3. Best case scenario, it sometimes gives me the week-long trial version...again.  Part of my procrastination on actually fixing this (I've been dealing with this for almost two months), is that I need it for work and it almost always miraculously gives me the trial version when I'm on a job that requires me to shoot RAW (I usually shoot on film and can use my old lightroom 4 for that).


      I have already done the whole uninstall and reinstall everything over a month ago, and I'm pretty pissed at the months I've paid for this software without it working (which is my fault, but I'm sure many can relate to letting some things slide when things get busy) but I've got a long job coming up and need to fix this asap.  Adobe's got me in heat right now.


      Has anybody ever experienced this?