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    A problem with loading window component

    Ghost Of Death Level 1
      Hey guys, I'm facing a problem in using a preloader while having some components in the flash project. I searched in the net and found the solution which is that components are loaded in first frame so i have to uncheck the "Export in first frame" property for the component, and then change the "Export frame for classes" property in the "publish settings" to another frame like 2. This method worked for all components exept the window component. I tried everything but nothing happens when calling the popup to appear !!! I'll tell u exactly what i have in the flash file. in the first frame a usual loader that checks the bytes loaded / bytes total. the second frame is empty and the third frame contains the following code:

      import mx.managers.PopUpManager;
      import mx.containers.Window;

      var my_win:MovieClip = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, Window, true, {contentPath:"try.swf"});

      I also changed the frame of loading classes to frame 2 , and unchecked the "load in first frame" for the window !!!! this worked for all components !! why it doesnt for the window !!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks alot ^_^