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    Text bounding box disappears when I zoom in


      I've started working on a fairly large psb file (1080 x 44382px) and it seems I'm experiencing either memory or graphics issues. I'm a bit confused as this has never happened before (but I haven't exactly worked on a file this big either). When I edit the text that's at the beginning of the file, I can actually see the bounding box at 100%, however, the further I go down the file and edit, the more I have to zoom out to actually start seeing the box. It has come to a point where I now see it only at 35% and it's becoming very difficult to edit the file. I already tried editing the file performance options and allocated ~12gb of RAM to PS. I've looked this up online, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm having trouble with as I'm not getting any errors (no memory issue errors, nothing).


      This is my performance settings if it helps: