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    Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard- Print to PDF not functioning Win 7 64bit




      When printing to the Adobe PDF printer we are able to save the document, but the PDF document doesn't automatically pop up afterwards as it usually does. In addition to that, the saved document is unable to be located. For Ex: We save the PDF document named "Test1" on the desktop. When Navigating to the desktop "Test1" is not there, the only way we can locate the document is by using the search box feature within the windows start menu. When clicking on the document name in the search results we receive the windows missing shortcut error.


      We've attempted to apply an update but there was none available, we've ran a repair on the software and also uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no success. We also tried the following available Adobe PDF Converter Versions Print Drivers: (2/20/2015) (1/20/2017)

      6.0.5288.0 (10/1/2002) (1/18/2007)


      I called Adobe Support and found that they no longer support this product so they recommended I'd either uninstall and reinstall the program as I've tried, or to contact the forum for answers.


      You're assistance with resolving this issue is greatly appreciated!!!