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    RH7 program instability

    tmccoysrc Level 1
      Since upgrading to RoboHelp 7 I have noticed some program instability. I have had the program crash on me at least once a day since installing the upgrade. Usually the program just closes down unexpectedly, although just now I did get one of those "Tell Micosoft about this problem" messages.

      I have noticed the crashes seem to occur when:

      - I have multiple topics open at once (at least 5)
      - I am making Properties changes to each topic
      -- From Topics pane, select topic, right-click-->Properties...crash

      This is very frustrating behavior and unless I am diligently saving as I go, I am losing a lot of my work.

      Has anyone else encountered this behavior? Any suggestions?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          No this is not normal. Was RH installed with local admin rights? Is the project local and not on a network, other than under source control?

          Anything unusual about your environment?

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            tmccoysrc Level 1
            I have admin rights on my machine and I installed it. The project is local. I did not install the Robo Help source control as we use a different source control, Tortoise SVN. I have done no commits or updates to that source control since installing the update.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Because this is not normal, I have to suspect your source control, which is a bit unfair.

              I think I would try making a copy of one of the supplied projects and working on that for a while doing similar things to those that crash your real project. See if they are stable.

              Anyone with knowledge of Tortoise SVN able to add something?

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                Ben Minson Level 2
                Could this be a memory problem? I think I ran into that yesterday because I spent most of the day opening topics (no more than 5 at a time) to make changes throughout the project. Yesterday was the first time RH7 has crashed on me, and I've had it since it was released. I got a dialog with missing text (which is one of the reasons I'm guessing it was a memory problem) and with an Abort button. I was not making changes to properties.

                I use Tortoise SVN, and the only problem I've had with it and RH is discussed (and answered) in this thread. So I don't think Tortoise or SVN is to blame for the crashes.

                Have you tried making the changes to properties without opening the topics? If you have a topic open and then open the Properties dialog, you still have to save the topic after clicking OK in the dialog. If you open the dialog without opening the topic, clicking OK is sufficient and would be faster.

                Just my two cents,

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                  tmccoysrc Level 1
                  Thanks for your response, Ben. This very well could be a memory problem. The program I am documenting is a memory hog but I only have that program open intermittently and am not running any process-intensive tasks. Additionally, I run that program at a low priority when it is open. I have had problems running the program at the same time as Photoshop and am now careful not to have them open concurrently.

                  I was very pleased to be directed to the thread regarding SVN as I have had many headaches adapting it to Robo Help and will try your suggestion in that thread.

                  I will keep an eye on the crash behaviors and if I can pin it down to replication, I will alert Adobe. In the meantime, I will keep saving as I wade through the tedium ahead of me.

                  BTW, I know topics need not be open to change their properties. But I need to change the indexing keywords for hundreds of topics and it helps to assign words while the topic is open.

                  Thanks again to everyone who responded.