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    Issue with Brush Tool


      I'm trying to change the brush type and every time I do, PS changes the tool. For example, I select the brush tool then go to the brush panel to choose a different brush type, once I do now the smudge tool is active. I go back and choose the brush tool, change the brush - same thing. VERY FRUSTRATING! Any help is much appreciated!

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Brushes can be saved in Photoshop with or without tool presets. It sounds like those you are trying to use have the smudge tool set as a preset.


          You can tell which in the brushes panel by turning on "Show Additional Preset Info" in the brushes panel menu. Then those with a tool preset will show the tool as a small icon at the top right



          If you want to use one of those brushes without the associated tool you will need to save it as a new brush and uncheck "Include tool settings" in the dialogue