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    Drop down lists on iphones don't work

    vernjr Level 1

      I've created a document in Adobe Acrobat Pro called a "Float Plan" (on Float Plan Central) that contains several drop-down selection lists, check boxes and text entry fields.  I've chosen the feature when saving the Float Plan to enable the ability to enter and save data entered into the form when using Adobe Reader.  On a PC, when the form is downloaded all of the fields work perfectly in Adobe Reader.  However on an iPhone, Adobe Reader does not allow you to enter anything, only view an empty form.  So, installed Adobe Fill & Sign hoping this would allow an iPhone user to enter data.  Adobe Fill & Sign does allow you to enter text in text fields and use check boxes, but the drop down lists won't display.




      Why does Adobe Reader iPhone not function identically to Adobe Reader on the PC?" 


      Is there an option Adobe Acrobat Pro to enable drop down lists to display (drop down) and work on an iPhone?


      On an Android phone, using Adobe Reader or Adobe Fill & Sign, you can't enter anything in the downloaded PDF form.  Why?


      Look forward to your insight.