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    Multi-lingual Text trouble

      Hi there,

      I having trouble getting Director to display multi-lingual text in #text members. I'm using WinXP Pro and have installed everything that can be under the "Regional and Language Options". The text displays correctly in the thumbnail preview in the cast window but when I drag the member over to the stage I just get square blocks. The same text works fine in notepad with the same font. Is Unicode support limited to #flashComponent only?

      Here's some sample text that is not working in a # text member:

      Japanese Hiragana/Katakana
      ぁいぅえぉ ㋐㋓㋬㋨ ㌀㌕㌘

      Korean Hanja
      가儺茶洛漠 ᄃᄫᅔᅼᅾᆔᇘᇢᇍᇫᇷ



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          Are you using D11, and is the text member using a font containing the
          (appropriate) Unicode characters? I'd recommend trying Arial Unicode
          (you might have to purchase a copy if you don't own a recent copy of M$
          Office) for a start, and move on from there if required.
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            hazP Level 1
            Hi Sean,

            yes I'm using D11. Thanks for the tip, Arial Unicode worked just fine. I guess it's because Director has it's own text rendering engine that works to it's own set of rules and it's pretty much trial and error to find out what those rules are. It's a simple solution but potentially very restrictive but at least it works so I'm happy about that.
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              hazP Level 1
              Ahhh dang .. scratch that happiness .. D11 doesn't support right to left text :(

              What's infuriating about this is that thumbnail preview renders RTL text correctly! But as soon as you place the member on the stage the text renders arse about - presumably the cast window is using standard win text controls.
              Even the TextInput #flashComponent gets it wrong, though the text is displayed correctly in the Property Inspector.

              Can anyone recommend ways to use RTL text in D11?
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                Do you need "static" text, or input?