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    kuler 3.0 idea: Descriptions

    RaymieHumbert Level 1
      I make high-quality themes. But some of them have odd inspirations without which they make no sense, and practically every theme has a story behind it.

      Maybe for kuler 3.0, descriptions for themes would be a GREAT idea. I know I would implement it on all of my themes, because some of them (the SportsChannel themes, Grocery Store Marketing, others) have colorful backgrounds I would love to share without placing a comment in at first sight.

      I use kuler extensively (60+ themes already - and I feed on Flickr images now, so that number's bound to grow). I'm also a member at FontStruct, a site for building typefaces. (The mainstream press is beginning to catch on. I found it thanks to - gasp! - John Nack on Adobe, one of my RSS feeds every day.) Using FontStruct and kuler means I can build most of my graphic work - kuler for the colors and FontStruct for the typefaces, and then CS3 for everything else to support that foundation. Of course, I do get tired of doing "Dragon of the Seas" this, "DotS" that, etc. That's why I use kuler - because it is so essential and so refreshing from doing FontStructions, and that's why I use FontStruct - because kuler can occasionally put me in painter's block.