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    Best HEIF (HEIC) to JPG workflow

    Skippermark Level 1

      Hi all. What is the best workflow to get HEIC files out of Apple Photos and converted to JPG format that will maintain the best quality? They're currently on my Mac in Apple Photos as originals and on my iPhone as optimized.


      My ultimate goal will be to merge the JPGs into LR Classic and manage them there.


      Should I just import them into LRCC mobile or the desktop app and let it convert them to JPG automatically, or would the quality be better if I exported them from Apple Photos to JPG?


      Lastly, in the future, should I continue to shoot HEIF on my phone or just shoot JPG if I don't want to shoot RAW? I've heard mixed reviews of HEIF, with some sites saying they're way better than JPG and others saying to stick with JPG. I thought HEIF would be more like a "compressed RAW" format, kind of like the Sony compressed RAW format, but after reading more about it, it seems more like a slightly better JPG format with a higher bit depth. Thanks for any help.

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would be surprised if Adobe doesn't support the new format sometime soon. At the moment, I have no clue what way is best for conversion. However, if you have an iPhone, the very best way to shoot is to shoot raw in the Lightroom CC app on your phone and have the dng files sync straight into Lightroom.

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            Neox99 Level 4

            I agree with Jao vdl - -

            HEIC (a spinoff of HEVC) is quite new to the file format scene.

            Problems and confusion abound.

            I, for one, will just wait until the dust settles then give it some testing.

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              khoat47558960 Level 1

              This is my online tool to convert iOS 11 photo in HEIC format to JPG with high performing algorithm for free




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                super_b Level 1

                This is what has worked for me on Windows 10 and my iPhone until there is native support:


                1. Create a new HEIC_CONVERSION folder somewhere outside of your current photo directory structure. You'll want to back these up, but they don't necessarily need to get mixed in with your other photos unless your tools support them.  At some point, you'll probably delete the jpg versions that we are creating, so keeping them separate will reduce the confusion later
                2. Connect the phone via cable and use any tool to copy files from Pictures into a new subfolder in your HEIC_CONVERSION called ORIGINALS somewhere outside of your your current photo directory structure.
                3. If the photos are *ALL* HEIC, then you don't need to separate them.  However, if you are like me and have a phone partially filled with HEIC and non-HEIC photos (and videos, more on that later), then you don't really want to re-process the non-HEIC files.  Youll need to use a tool to determine if the files are HEIC or not.  Fortunately for images, the file extension is '.heic', so those are easy to identify.  For HEVC (videos), the filename extensions are all .mov, so you'll need to another tool.  Quicktime Player has a menu that is easy to access called "Show Movie Inspector" that will tell you if the video is H264 or H265/HVEC.  If you don't know the date when your device changted over to HVEC, you'll need to poke around with various dates to find exactly which video is the first HVEC.  After you find it, copy/move that file and all subsequent files to a new folder under HEIC_CONVERSION.  It's easier if you create separate folders for images and video, so I created 2 subfolders called HEIC_ORIGINALS and HEVC_ORIGINALS.
                4. Now that you have HEIC files all by themselves, youll want to convert them.  I use the free iMazing HEIC converter.  It only accepts a single folder as input, and will output to a single folder.  I created a new subfolder called HEIC_to_JPG for the output.
                5. For HEVC files, use Handbrake to convert from H265/HEVC to H264.  There are lots of tutorials out there on this conversion process, so I won't repeat the steps here.  Essentially though, the default settings for H264 work well.  Creating a new output folder called HEVC_to_M4V keeps them separate.
                6. import new jpg and m4v files into Lightroom, etc for editing
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                  davejonez Level 1

                  I'm using a desktop app to convert the HEIC photos to JPG as I don't think it's safe to use online tools. The app is called Joyoshare HEIC Converter. The best part I love it is its ability to keep the original image quality in JPEG. BTW, it supports converting HEIC to PNG, GIF and other formats too. You can download the free version from its official site: https://www.joyoshare.com/heic-converter-for-mac/

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                    _prg_ Level 1
                    1. Use Image Capture to import HEIC to HD
                    2. Batch convert HEIC with Photoshop CC > File > Image Processor
                    3. Import to Lightroom as per usual
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                      Iaseryas Level 1

                      Some online tools can easily be identified as malware when you convert HEIL to JPG,that what i've been through , don't waste time and energy, a effective tool will do better than them .like this

                      How to Convert HEIC to JPG Format on Windows 10/8/7 in 3 Ways