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    Finding file-based Qualified Digital Signatures


      I am new to this topic and I was wondering if you could help me.
      I would like to know if file-based Qualified Electronic Signatures exist, if yes, where could I get them. I tried a few companies on the AATL list, but no luck.
      In this case, I am not talking about Qualified Cloud Signatures since those do not seem to work with Acrobat, but only with Adobe Sign.


      If you know any other option that does not require hardware, such as cards, tokens etc. would also work.


      Thank you in advance

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          margueritek Level 3

          You can't have a Qualified Electronic Signature (certificate) in a file-based store. From Wikipedia:

          It is important to note that creating a qualified electronic signature is more than merely adding a qualified certificate to an advanced electronic signature. The signature must also be created using a qualified signature creation device (QSCD). This device is responsible for qualifying digital signatures by using specific hardware and software that ensures that he signatory only has control of their private key. In addition, a qualified trust service provider manages the signature creation data that is produced. The signature creation data must remains unique, confidential and protected from forgery