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    Group fields for more compact scripting (visible/hidden)

    rsbisa Level 1

      As a fledgling scripter, I'm creating a PDF form that acts as a calculator from which lay-user can compare a few similar consumer products based a couple variable choices they may make. Within the form, I have built a hidden input form to which a [non-developer] Admin can adjust the data in fields of each of the displayed choices before hiding the input form and distributing to the intended lay-users who would use the calculator to make consumer choices. This whole project is coming along nicely, as I intended. But, my question...


      Is it possible to "group" fields in a way that would allow me to treat them as one for the purpose of making visible or hidden? Example, in that hidden Admin-input form, each of 4 potential products has, say, 25 fields in which the calculable source data may be changed by Admin before distribution. So, currently, if I have 4 products to compare, I have 100 individual fields to make visible/hidden based on Admin's password field and button. My current script makes each of the 100 fields visible/hidden, fine. But, it would be so much easier if, say, product No. 1's 25 respective fields could be named "fieldGroup1" and then script the visible/hidden functions with just that one group field name instead of the tedious scripting and calling all 25 individual fields in a block of script.


      Hope this is clear - and much thanks to any ideas (or, even if I'm told it cannot be done).